They settled mainly in the north of the country , Delhi was their  ruling base. The Moghuls had introduced new dishes, new spices and new cooking methods  with a Tandoor,  type of cylindrical clay oven. The tastes of Moghul cuisine vary from extremely mild to spicy, and is often associated with a distinctive aroma and the taste of ground and whole spices.  A Mughlai course is an elaborate meal of main course dishes with a variety of accompaniments.

"yes, I love indian food, REAL indian food and this place is pretty authentic with very flavourful, tasty food.  the interior is very indian without being too much, service is good as well, definitely a nice indian place in Vienna!" - Karin A., Vienna


"I went here with a friend and we ordered a samosa, garlic naan, two indian beers, and two Thali/Indische platters for a total bill of around 45 euros. It was plenty of food for 2! All of the food was very good. The naan came with 3 sauces on the side, 2 of which were very spicy." Laura K. West Lafayette, IN


"This is, without a doubt, the best Indian food in Vienna.

I absolutely adore it, and each visit is a special treat.  It can fill up on the weekends, though, so I'd make a reservation for a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday evening, unless you get there before 18:30-19:00.  (I tend to err on the side of caution and make reservations everywhere I go, especially to make sure I get a seat in the non-smoking section.  This place has a smoking section.) Zum Moghulhof is super vegetarian-friendly and offers almost all of its dishes with paneer instead of meat. The mango lassi is the best I've had, ever (they put almond slices in it!)  Their garlic naan is great, and my absolute favorite dish is the Murgh Markhani (available with paneer instead of chicken) - the chicken is SO tender and the curry is creamy with tomato sauce, but not TOO creamy.  Ahh, it's heaven on earth, y'all!" - Karynna A., Vienna


The Mughlai kitchen  is famous for its Tandori meat dishes and Rice pulav along with Naan and Roti. Yogurt, whipped cream, fruit and butter are often attached to the sauces to make mild and creamy along with herds and other ingredients.  The combination of spices which is added to the dishes are made by specialized cooks.

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A Brief introduction to Moghul  Cuisine – a style of cooking!


Most of the world-famous  North Indian dishes come from the Moghul Kitchen. The Moghuls, a Turko-Mongol dynasty from Central Asia, with the Persian cultural influence  dominated over large parts of Indian Subcontinent from the 16th century. . Monumental buildings such as the Taj Mahal and the world renowned monuments and tombs which to date remind us of the Moghul era.

With time, the Moghul cooks introduced  local herbs and spices to their kitchen, creating new combinations and varieties of dishes, and which ultimately  developed  to Mughlai Kitchen – in northern part of India.

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